Guns & the Second Amendment

There is nothing more important to me than the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment does not grant a right for Americans to own a gun; instead, it protects a right we are born with: to protect ourselves from tyranny in all of its forms, most especially from an out-of-control government. This is why the founders penned the words, “shall not be infringed.”

Any attempt to infringe upon our Second Amendment protections through excessive regulation is a direct violation of what the founders intended. I firmly oppose any efforts to restrict the Second Amendment protections of law-abiding citizens, and I fight tirelessly for this essential freedom.

Moreover, we have many licenses for many privileges. However, the god given right to defend ourselves – protected by the Second Amendment – does not start at a license. And our protections do not stop at a Gun Free Zone. As your Senator, I will join the fight to restore South Carolina to Constitutional Carry by eliminating the requirement for a permit to carry a firearm and remove South Carolina from adhering to the unconstitutional federal Gun Free Zone Act.