Tom Fernandez is a dedicated advocate for individual liberty and personal responsibility. Raised on a farm in rural Michigan, Tom’s father taught him the importance of self-sufficiency and hard work. His mother taught him discipline and personal responsibility; often taking his lessons from the good ole “switch off the tree.” Dirt roads, horse pastures, chicken coops, chopping wood for the furnace, and more was Tom’s childhood life. His family had no money; however, the greatest and happiest of Tom’s memories were made growing up on the farm.

Tom’s family moved to the south in 1992 where he bagged groceries at Publix as his first job. After High School, Tom went on to work in Information Technology; yet, he decided to enter college later on in life to pursue a law degree. He obtained a Political Science degree from Coastal Carolina University, a law degree from Charleston School of Law, and an MBA from The Citadel. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for the U.S. Constitution, principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberties.

Following graduation, Tom opened his own law practice, gaining valuable experience in business, personal relationships, and community service. Building his own business from nothing to a successful practice, enforced his commitment to promoting the ideals of liberty, freedom, and perseverance.

In 2018, Tom decided to run for office for the South Carolina House of Representatives. Despite facing long odds and limited resources, he campaigned tirelessly, spreading his message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. Although he ultimately came up short in that election, Tom refused to be discouraged. He continued to work tirelessly for the cause of liberty, building a grassroots network of supporters and becoming a respected voice in the Constitutional movement.

Now, in 2023, Tom is running for office once again, this time as a candidate for the South Carolina Senate. With his experience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the principles of liberty, Tom is confident that he can make a real difference in the lives of the people of his state, promoting freedom, prosperity, and individual opportunity for all.

He lives in Summerville in the community of Cane Bay with his wife, Darlene who is a retired nurse of 30-years. They have 6 daughters, 5 grandchildren, 3 small dogs, and there’s nothing they enjoy more than spending time with their family.